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Fuel Tank

Photo of Old Fuel Tank

This is the previous tank which was replaced by the 85cc one because the primer mechanism is faulty. The washer does not cover the small reservoir completely, so there is inadequate pressure to push the fuel thru the line. It is important not to let large debris enter the tank. TYR is trying to figure out how to replenish fuel when the engine is running, because it seems like the engine will stall whenever the lid is lifted and there is no pressure to push more fuel into the line. Cow lasts approximately 15 minutes at idle throttle using 85% of the 85cc tank.

Fuel Line Filter

Photo of Fuel Line Filter

Two of these filters are used to further remove any dirt particles within the fuel tank, or from the exhaust line. Fitted along the fuel and exhaust lines, these small gadgets use replaceable wire gauze filters. There is also another type which has a transparent body for easier inspection.

Nitro Fuel

Photo of Nitro Fuel

Nitro fuel is recommended for use on 2-stroke engines. This 2-litre bottle contains 70% methyl alcohol, 20% oil, and 10% nitro methane, the active ingredient. Be careful, it is flammable and not good for skin and eyes. Different grades of nitro will yield different engine performance and require suitable glo-plugs.

Carburettor Air Filter

Photo of Carburettor Filter

The purpose of this air filter is to prevent dust and dirt from entering the carburettor. It is important that the filter be fitted whenever the engine is running. This filter is from O.S. Engines. The other type is the paper element filter, but TYR hasn't tested this yet.

Carburettor Foam

Photo of Carburettor Foam

The carburettor on the engine requires an air filter, which removes solid particles in the air for intake. This foam piece is one of two fitted into the rubber filter. Manufactured by O.S Engines, these foams are oiled for better filtration and needs to be changed regularly, depending on engine usage patterns. To save running cost on this consumable, TYR suggests that the foams can be washed, dried and re-oiled. The other object in the photo is the metal label of the Royal .12 engine, which is very similar to Prafa's engines, installed in Cow.

Glo-plug Starter

Photo of Glo-plug Starter

The electrical starter uses a sub-C rechargeable battery to produce a bridge orange glow in the glo-plug. Then this heat will ignite the fuel entering thru the carburettor, which will start the engine running. It is estimated that the battery lasts for about 20 starts, so it's better to have some backup handy. Charger for this battery size is almost non-existant, so TYR has to use a charger with a customized plug to connect to the bottom of the starter with the battery installed.


Photo of Glo-plug

The glo-plug is the object just above the washer. The washer is very important to keep the glo-plug hole sealed from leaks at the heatsink. The wrench tool as shown here is a handy tool to remove and install the glo-plug. Selection of which glo-plug to use depends on the grade of nitro fuel the engine is using.

After-Run Oil

Photo of After-Run Oil

After-run oil is a must for all gas cars, because unused nitro fuel in the engine can damage the interiors. At the end of the racing day, put a few drops of this oil thru the glo-plug hole and carburettor. Replace the glo-plug and carburettor air filter and turn the engine upside-down several times. Also, give the pull-start a few pulls to circulate the oil.

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Heavy Duty Parts Cleaner

Photo of Parts Cleaner

Cow's Royal engine was covered in grime and burnt marks when it entered TYR. This CFC-free spray cleaner helps to partially remove the dirt outside, around the carburettor and heatsink. Avoid spraying onto paint and always clean in a ventilated area.

Radio Control

Photo of Radio Control

TYR's first radio control is this Sanwa Dash Saber AM 2-channel transmitter. It uses 8 rechargeable AA batteries and 3 LEDs as power level indication. Other features include dual channel reversing and changeable frequency crystal.

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