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Photo of Cow top-down without body

This was the first 1/10 gas car owned and managed by TYR. Since it was a second-hand car which was used for a few hours only, it had one minor problem: what brand and model was it? The front bumper said: "Prafa Modellsport Potenza" and the fuel tank had "Prafa Switzerland", so it should be from Prafa.

Cow contained a .12 Royal nitro engine, driving a single-speed transmission and dogbone shafts to the front and rear differentials. Click here for a RealAudio recording (102KB) of the engine running. If you don't have RealPlayer, select the button link above. It was built initially for off-road driving, but TYR customized Cow to be run only on-road. The proposed body was the black McLaren F1.

Electronics included the Sanwa Dash Saber AM 2-channel radio system. There were 2 Sanwa SRM-102 servos and a BEC receiver.

The car used 10% nitro fuel, 1.2V 600mAh batteries, plastic bushings, foam air filters, and 40WT (hopefully) shock oil.

One of the first hop-ups was the two fuel line filters connected along the fuel and exhaust lines from the fuel tank, which prevented dirt entering the carburettor. Next was actually a damage repair, and it was a new 85cc fuel tank. It had a faulty primer in that the washer did not cover the hole and thus there was not enough pressure to push the fuel along the line into the engine.


Photo of Hamster

This is the first 1/10 electric car from TYR. It has a Tamiya Subaru Impreza WRC polycarbonate body over a Tamiya TA03F Pro chassis. It was bought at a price of S$280 + S$53 from Elite Racing Models in Orchard Plaza Singapore on March 13 1999. We nearly wanted to buy the TA03F TRF, but it was too expensive at S$490.

Click here for more information and photos!


Photo of Thundershot

Well, actually this is the first 1/10 electric car, but some of you wouldn't think it should be called a car anyway. :)

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