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As you cruise this site, you may to able identify updated or new sections by looking for the yellow "NEW" icon ([New]) or the text "new!". The following list summarizes such new stuff as they arrive fresh from my text editor.

  • Resume has been updated. Employment and business opportunities are welcome. [14 Apr 2018]
  • Award winning and established condo at Mont Kiara available for sale immediately! Suitable for expats with families. [29 Mar 2016]
  • Update: Add two manuals topic in the T28 FAQ. [3 Jun 2007]
  • New: OK, I've conceded. Have to have blogs to keep with the times... [8 May 2006]
  • Update: Added offsite links to more photos at T Squared. [29 Mar 2006]
  • Update: 1 letter have been submitted to the Singapore Bad Bus Services Home Page. [2 Mar 2006]
  • Added a link to here. [9 Jul 2004]
  • Added a link to a hamster website here. [30 Jun 2004]
  • Update: Added some wedding and honeymoon photos to T Squared. Yes, we're married! :) [3 Dec 2003]
  • Updated: Added a new notebook in My Computers. [23 Apr 2003]
  • The Yahoo! WebRings which I maintain have changed the navigation bars. If you're a member of the HP Palmtop Ring or Hamster Ring, find out more about the change. [17 Aug 2001]


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