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Running Quake in 320x200 resolution can be less exciting, and you may want to try higher resolutions. If you find that your video card does not support VESA 2.0, then you will need a software driver.

Try to locate such a driver from your vendor, or if you can't, consider these alternatives:

After you have obtained the driver, include it into your Quake session using the following methods:

  • AUTOEXEC.BAT or similar in the Quake directory
  • Manually, each time you run Quake

To see if you can get higher resolutions, try these steps after loading up Quake:

  1. Press ~ (tilde) to get to the Console
  2. Type vid_describemodes to view available video modes
  3. Type vid_mode x to change to the desired resolution, where x is the mode number from the previous step

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Alternatively, version 1.0 and later of Quake allows you to do the same thing using the menu:

  1. Press ESC to get to the menu
  2. Use arrow keys or mouse to select "Video Options"
  3. Use arrow keys or mouse to select desired resolution
  4. Press ENTER to test video mode
  5. Press ESC to accept new video mode

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