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The following maps are created by yours truly using either Quest and/or BSP. Share around and enjoy!

Title Description Size (KB) Last Update Screenshot (click to enlarge)
King George Apartment kgeorge.txt 121 08/09/1998 n/a
House of Yan .txt n/a 16/04/1997 n/a
Gloucester Gardens .txt n/a 21/04/1997 n/a
Comp Sci Curtin .txt n/a 16/04/1997 n/a
Dungeon DooDee .txt n/a 10/08/1997 n/a

Don't know what to do with them files? Download desired map, extract files and move BSP file (the one with the .BSP extension) to the Quake\ID1\Maps subdirectory. Start Quake using something like: "quake +map bspfile", where bspfile is the filename of BSP file. And you're set.

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