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Finally I found time to learn about editing Quake, particularly map editing. I could not run the compiler utilities (QBSP, LIGHT, and VIS) under DOS, no matter what swapfile settings I use with the DOS4GW extender (for my computer specs, please refer to this page). In the end, I gave up on DOS, and tried to make them work under OS/2. If you are interested with editing under OS/2, and have already downloaded the required programs (such as the compiler utilities) and files, read on to find out more.

Surprisingly, the compiler utilities work under OS/2 very well! First, make sure you have an adequate swapfile size if you have 16MB of physical RAM or less. Create program objects for QBSP.EXE, LIGHT.EXE, and VIS.EXE. To do that, create a simple batch file which looks like this:

    DOS4GW.EXE %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6

For each of the utilities, go to Settings -> Program, and type in the filename of the batch file you have just created in the "Path and file name:" field. Depending on which utility, the optional parameters field should contain the program name (e.g. QBSP.EXE), and the characters " []" (including the space). These characters will allow OS/2 to prompt you, in a window when you run the program objects, for further parameters you may want to pass to the utility. Of course, you will want to do that, because you can then type in your map filenames.

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Next comes the crucial part, memory for the utilities to use. Go to the DOS settings pages for each of the utilities (if you do not know how, go to this page), and increase DPMI_MEMORY_LIMIT to 35, and set both EMS_MEMORY_LIMIT and XMS_MEMORY_LIMIT to 0. I am not sure whether setting any value lower than 35 will work, but I suspect the requirement may vary according to your map complexities.

Lastly, I have found the compiler utilities re-compiled for OS/2, and they work better than the DOS version! You will need to create a REXX script (which I have been using) to run the same compiler utilities in a OS/2 prompt window. There is less swapping and the results are the same. I am trying to perfect my own script, and when the time comes, I may put it up for you to download and use.

The archive file that contains these OS/2 utilities can be downloaded from the usual FTP sites, such as CDROM.COM (127KB).

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