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Obituary of NanoMouse

Portrait of NanoMouse the Hamster

NanoMouse was our pet hamster, which came into our life two weeks ago. This page is dedicated to our little friend, who has left us in peaceful sleep today.

Our first encounter with NanoMouse was an unusual one, but it was also a miracle. He was trying to climb into the house at the closed entrance door in the middle of the night. We took him into our home and care without hesitation.

Through the days we spent together, NanoMouse was well taken care of. Sunflower seeds were bought specially for him, and a temporary lodging box was setup as well. NanoMouse had the warmth and care that we showered upon him. He was given the freedom to roam all over, and to sleep in the cupboard drawer.

However, we noticed a slight problem with NanoMouse. His rear portion was too large, but that might have been hereditary. The situation worsened when he refused to eat anything this morning, only wanting to go back to rest in his weak composure. How much we wished that NanoMouse could tell us his suffering!

Tonight, NanoMouse left us in deep sleep, never to rise and to run about. Our hearts sank, our friend lost.

Our message to NanoMouse the Hamster is:

"We're sorry we couldn't do more than what we did. We will always think of you and the times we spent together. We love you, NanoMouse, deep from our hearts."

Thanks goes to these people who have expressed their concern through the Internet.

Edwinder aka Wolf

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