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MechWarrior 2 Universal VESA VBE

Please note that this part is from the README.TXT of the archive. The latest version is 5.3, so the link below is invalid. I will try to update this page in the future.

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   UNIVBE v5.1, the Universal VESA BIOS driver, makes super VGA cards
   compatible with VESA BIOS Extension (VBE 2.0) programming standards so
   that games, CD-ROMs, utilities and other applications will work properly
   (and faster) in high resolution modes. It also includes chip detection,
   power management, monitor centering and compatibility & performance
   testing utilities. It now supports over 160 different SVGA chips (see list
   below). NOTE: VESA VBE is a software standard, so even if you have a PCI
   graphics card, you still need to load a VESA VBE driver; VBE is different
   from VESA Local Bus.

   It just makes your graphics run better
   Computer games and other interactive applications (e.g. AutoDesk Animator,
   Links/386, MS Flight Simulator, the 7th Guest and *many* others) use the
   VESA VBE standard to interface with your graphics card. UniVBE helps solve
   compatability and performance problems associated with VBE graphics on
   many different Super VGA cards on the market. In addition, since it
   supports the new VESA VBE 2.0 standard, UniVBE can make applications
   written to take advantage of VBE 2.0, significantly faster by using
   protected mode access to the graphics card. UniVBE is the first product
   that will let you take advantage of the power of VBE 2.0.

  • Download (95/04/03, 604433 bytes)
  • Visit SciTech Software, Inc., the makers of this software package. Please note that the program has been renamed to SciTech Display Doctor, the Universal Graphics Card Utility.

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