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MechWarrior 2 Performance Tips

There are many ways to enhance the playing performance in MW2, including strageties and well-proven Mech configurations. This page aims to lists them out, so please contribute if you have any ideas or comments. If you are looking for procedures to finish missions, refer to the MW2 Helpage instead. Enjoy!

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Sidewinder Pro Joystick

Date: Tue, 2 Apr 1996 15:35:08
From: Vito Culotta <>

This is for all those MechWarriors who would like to have the Sidewinder Pro joystick with a million buttons along with torso twist and throtle controls at their finger tips. If your stick has a four way cap switch, normally used to glance to the left and right, up and down, then simply re-assign up and down as throtle, and left and right as torso twist. It makes game play alot easier and cooler.

Windows 95

Tom Vogt has sent me this set of procedures for people who want to run MW2 under Windows 95. As I do not use Windows myself, this is all I know. There were some corrections in the following paragraphs. Here are the assumptions made, so change according to your own settings:

  • The installation directory of MW2 is C:\MECH2.
  • Windows 95 is installed in the C: drive.

Date: Wed, 27 Dec 1995
From: Tom Vogt <>

Here's the key to getting it to run flawlessly in Win95.

Download the patch (MW2 version 1.1) and run it. Delete it manually from the MECH2 directory after done. Customize the MSDOS prompt shortcut found in c:\windows\startmenu\programs to open as a full window (check out properties sheet. Close down all programs, including Internet Explorer (eats memory), and pull up the DOS Prompt via the Start button. Click on it, you should get a full window. Change directory to C:\MECH2, then type in mech2.exe.

Make sure to type in mech2.exe rather than mech2 at the C:\MECH2> directory or you will access the folder for MECH first and get an ensuing GPF.

This is the only way I have found that will run the program without errors and with full MIDI/audio. MS-DOS mode will not load the proper drivers required to run most DOS based games.

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