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MechWarrior 2 Cheats

Remember, cheat codes are not honourable, your Keshik wouldn't like you to press so many keys. This portion is peeled from the unofficial FAQ, and applies to the MechWarrior 2 game.

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    These codes work in the simulation, by holding down CTRL-ALT-SHIFT
    and typing:

    blorb       Toggle invulnerability
    cia         Toggle unlimited ammo
    coldmiser   Toggle heat tracking
    hangaround  Toggle mission time-limit
    flygirl     Add jumpjets to mech
    mightymouse Toggle infinite Jumpjet juice
    gankem      Destroy targeted mech
    enolagay    Explode an atom bomb (killing everything?)
    michelin    Toggle bounding spheres on debris and mech parts
    tinkerbell  View battle from free-floating camera.  Turn off with "c".
                ctrl-left to turn left
                ctrl-right to turn right
                ctrl-up to increase altitude
                ctrl-down to decrease altitude
                z to move forward
                shift-z to move backwards
    front       Toggles mini-front-view, shown in place of mini-rear-view
    xray        Enhanced imaging with see-through.  Turn off with "w".
    dorcs       view the MW2 Sim Programmer Dorcs Web pages
    icanthackit End mission successfully
    idkfa       End mission as a failure

    zmak        Toggles Time expansion (?)
    meepmeep    Time compression key enabled (?)
    unmeepmeep  Time compression key disabled (?)
    lairdo      "ATTENTION ENEMIES: Don't mess with the blimp." (?)
    dei         "F E I R".  (?) (Maybe Michael Douglas knows what this does.)
    sh*t        "Freebirth vulgarity will not be tolerated!"
    f*ck        "Freebirth vulgarity will not be tolerated!"

    These codes work in the Trials of Grievance instant-action missions, by
    changing your name in Star Config to:

    Calvin      Adds Elemental between Dire Wolf and Fire Moth (1 of 3)
    Hobbes      Adds Tarantula between Elemental and Fire Moth (2 of 3)
    Enzo        Adds Battlemaster IIC between Tarantula and Fire Moth (3 of 3)

    This code works in the campaigns, by registering with the name:

    FREEBIRTHTOAD    Lets you pick and play any of the 16 missions

Pock Pock

In the Falcon Clan's archive holoprojector, Lars Fuhrken-Batista wrote in one of the hidden credit pages:
"Have you found the cheat in the game that turns all Mechs into chickens??? Try hard..."

MW2:GBL Codes

These are the cheat codes for MechWarrior 2: Ghost Bear's Legacy game. I haven't personally tried them, so no promises. Sandy Olson told me that J.J. Franzen mentioned that there is a code for unlimited ammo, but he does not want to tell us. Thanks goes to Gregory McIntosh for sharing that code with us! Hold down CTRL-ALT-SHIFT and type:

  • clark - X-ray vision
  • kent - Invincibility
  • dorcs - View the MW2 Sim Programmer Dorcs Web pages
  • kaboom - Destroy all Mechs
  • palex - Destroy targeted mech
  • putz - End mission successfully
  • jumbo - Add jumpjets to mech
  • burr - Toggle heat tracking
  • thundros - Toggle unlimited ammo
  • kentik - Toggle green sphere

MW2: Mercenaries Codes

Again, thanks goes to Gregory McIntosh for most of the codes and the easter egg. Hold down CTRL-ALT-SHIFT and type:

  • superfunkicalifragisexy - Toggle invulnerability
  • iseenfireandiseenrain - Toggle unlimited ammo
  • ooohhhlllaaalllaaa - Toggle heat tracking
  • wediditagain - View the MW2 Sim Programmer Dorcs Web pages
  • itsdabombinmybeautifulballoon - Add jumpjets to Mech
  • tikruleslikethecomstarbaby - End mission successfully
  • ontimeeverytime - Toggle time compression key
  • bubbleboy - Toggle bounding spheres
  • crazysexycool - Toggle infinite jumpjets
  • beholdmyglory - Toggle free eye mode
  • antijolt - Toggle time expansion
  • flashyflashy - Toggle auto-grouping
  • walkthisway - Toggle leading reticle
  • redjackandtikrules - Destroy targeted Mech

Easter egg: Click on the third flashing light on the bottom right (heading down a corridor) and a picture of the programmers will appear. Put the cursor over a specific person and their name will appear, double click and their message will appear.

Here is a money cheat program which lets you increase your credits from 1 to 999 million C-bills. Download this file: MOMONEY version 1.1 (11KB).

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