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MechWarrior 2 Add-Ons and Patches

This page lists out all available add-ons and patches for MechWarrior 2. Check out the FAQ for related information. The second portion of this page lists the patches, if any. As usual, please inform me if there are any problems with this page. Lastly, as with some other pages that I have, I disclaim from all content herein.

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MechWarrior 2 Expansion Pack: Ghost Bear's Legacy

    This cool expansion pack is out already. From what I've seen, read and played, it is on CD-ROM and requires the MechWarrior 2 CD-ROM as well. The introduction movie is way cool, you just got to see it. However, the expansion pack does not contain NetMech nor the mission builder, which I personally hoped for. Take a look at Activision's site as well. Here are a rough list of new features included:

    • 13 Mechs
    • 12 missions including these environments:
      • Underwater
      • Forest
      • Snow
      • Space
    • 6 weapons including:
      • Anti-Missile System
      • Arrow IV Missile Artillery
      • Flamer
      • Inferno Missiles
      • Narc Missile Beacon
      • Torpedoes
    • 14 weapon positions
    • 21 CD music tracks
    • Male voices
    • More movie scenes

MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries

    Watch out, MecHeads! This is the second and probably last add-on for MechWarrior 2, and it was officially released on September 25. Please note that this CD-ROM game does not need the MechWarrior 2 CD-ROM to install and play (unlike Ghost Bear's Legacy). Activision also provides a FAQ list which answers common questions and problems. Will Day has also compiled an unofficial FAQ.

    One new feature in Mercenaries is MercNet, which seems to be a better network software package included with this game. The animation sequences are more awesome than the previous titles, and it only gets better. There are more textures and more exciting sound effects. Mercenaries is definately more complex in game setup as well.

    There have been people asking me for cheat codes already, and here they are. The patch to fix many bugs has been released, so look over here. Those looking for ways to create missions can find what they need in the CD-ROM's \TOOLS subdirectory. I have seen at least one third-party mission on the Internet already.

    Article: 51804 of
    From: "J. J. Franzen"Newsgroups:
    Subject: Quick MW2:Mercenaries Update
    Date: Sat, 20 Jul 1996 18:46:49 -0700
    Hi all. It was recently brought to my attention that I've been
    neglecting this (newsgroup). Sorry 'bout that. So here goes with all the
    news that the PTBs'll let me post:
    MW2:Mercenaries will be a stand-alone "prequel" to MW2, and will
    not require you to have owned a previous Mech title...
    Mercs is based in the Inner Sphere where you become a Mercenary
    looking to make a name and fortune for yourself. That is,
    until some unexpected guests arrive...
    Mercs will include:
    Over 30 new fully texture mapped IS 'Mechs
    Over 50 new missions
    Salvage (leg and head shots become very important...)
    Vastly improved AI
    Multiple light sources
    Texture-mapped ground
    Fully integrated network play - "Mercnet"
    DOS and Win95 versions on the same disk.
    Fantastic (if I do say so myself) new rendered cut scenes...
    Fight against the clans in some of the most important battles
    the IS has ever faced
    Hire and fire your Lancemates according to their performance
    Make money, upgrade your 'mechs and weaponry, and always
    remember, wait for that missile lock, LRM20 rounds are expensive!
    Well, that's about all I can say for now. Type at y'all later,

NetMech: Eight Player Pack

    NetMech has been released as of 14th of June! Activision has finally sorted things out, and proper download, installation and usage procedures have been provided, especially on their NetMech Home Page. As expected, Activision says that MechWarriors can also choose to buy a CD-ROM containing NetMech also.

    Indeed, the download is a choice between a single 11MB file, or 8-part 1.4MB files, which can be stored easily on diskettes. The installation procedure requires about 40MB of disk space, and after that, NetMech requires about 30MB of disk space. If I am not wrong, NetMech does not support TCP/IP, but IPX instead. Modem head-to-head play is possible.

    It is imperative that you also download the installation notes, filename INSTALL.TXT, because it can save you alot of download and installation anxieties.

    Reports show that NetMech for DOS is a higher quality product compared to NetMech for Windows 95, which I personally agree. It is well built and full of features. If you run Windows 95 and want to play with others who have NetMech for DOS, you are advised to download NetMech for DOS and use DOS.

    Go to this page for screenshots.

MechWarrior 2 for PowerPC

    Article: 48562 of
    From: (Marshall1)
    Subject: Re: What ever happened to the PowerPC version of MWII?
    Date: 20 Jun 1996 05:20:24 -0400
    Well, those of your waiting for PowerPC Mechwarrior are gonna be happy, cause
    its looking great! In fact, frame rate on a 6100/66 is higher than that on a
    P75. I'm not gonna say anything about release dates, cause I'm not sure
    what's official right now, but I'd warm up your joysticks... pronto.
    John Keating
    MWII DOS team


MW2: Mercenaries Patch

    Activsion has released the Mercenaries patch to upgrade to version 1.05. Some of the fixes include: 'Mech Lab functions properly, extra weight or weapons no longer appear after battle, CD-ROM changers and multiple CD-ROM drives now support, and MercNet improvements. The archive file to download is about 2.75MB in size. After download, place the MERC105P.EXE file in your installed Mercenaries directory. If you need further installation procedures, please refer to either of the first 2 following sites:

  • West Coast FTP site

  • East Coast FTP site

  • PC Gamer FTP site

  • Online Gaming Review FTP site


      From: (ACTSEARCH)
      Date: Wed Oct 04 09:38:32 SST 1995
      The revised MechWarrior2 demo has been released. You should be able to
      download the file from the following FTP sight:

  • Download MW2DEMO2.EXE (5,050,960 bytes)

  • Download mech2dem.exe at Activision

  • Here is an alternative site generously provided by Will Day:

    Download mw2demo2.exe (5,050,960 bytes)

    Please read the demo notes before downloading or playing.

Battlemaster Fix

    Here is a patch from Louis Hendricks to fix the problem of not being able to use the Battlemaster after you have typed in the ENZO cheat. Please read the documentation included first before running the patch.

  • Download from Will Day

  • Download


      From: (ACTSEARCH)
      Date: 20 Sep 1995 22:41:46 -0400
      Should fix joystick drift and hang-up due to joystick problems on the
      Net/Mech demo.

  • Download mw2giddi.exe (46,670 bytes)

  • Download MW2GIDDI.EXE from Activision Customer Support

  • Download mw2giddi.exe from Will Day


      From: (ACTSEARCH)
      Date: Thu Nov 23 01:03:31 SST 1995
      This is patch v1.1 that addresses the right arm bug as well as expands on the
      capabilities of MechWarrior2. The text file accompanying the patch will
      explain all. Download from

  • Download MECH2V11.EXE (667,909 bytes)

  • Download from Activision Customer Support

  • Download mech2v11.exe from Will Day

    Please read some of the text I have stripped from the documentation in the patch which I find important before you download.


    If you want to use COM1 or COM2 with IRQ5 or IRQ7 while playing NetDemo, CyberWarrior's patch to MODEM.EXE is the solution. Please read the documentation carefully before applying to your MW2 directory.

  • Download (16,749 bytes)

Suped-up Elemental for MW2

    To play the Elemental with extraordinary capabilities, download this package, which contains documentation and some Mech configurations. Thanks goes to Jared Moore for his contribution!

  • Download (2483 bytes)

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