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Casio Cassiopeia E-15 Palm-sized PC

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Last update: Nov 13 1999

I have been using a palmtop computer since 1993. The previous one I had was a HP100LX/2MB palmtop which served me well, until things started falling apart. Most of you who are familiar with the HPLX, you know it's frustrating when the screen hinge finally gives way and the clasp loses its grasp. Although it's true that DOS has one of the largest amount of software written for it, the HPLX eventually loses out on technological advancement and software capabilities. Especially in my case, I could not stand using one hand to keep the right side of the palmtop together when the hinge is already gone. On one fateful afternoon, I spent a few hundred bucks on a shiny new palmtop that is the Casio Cassiopeia E-15 Palm-sized PC.

[JPEG Image, 340x369, 32KB] The E-15 is probably the last PDA from Casio with mono or greyscale display. The main purpose of my palmtop is to record notes, numbers and addresses and later recall them quickly. Multimedia and online interfaces are not important to me, because I don't use such features on the field and prefer my desktop PC to do these. Therefore, the E-15 having only 16 levels of grey doesn't peeve me too much. To me, colour is only useful for easier user interfacing on the screen. 16MB of RAM, which is shareable between system and storage memory, is relatively a lot compared to other similar machines, such as the Palm, HP Jornada, and Philips Nino.

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